Starting out . .  . . . If only I had known then what I have learned throughout the years!

It sure would have made it easier.

Here are a few tips that I  have composed & wanted to share, with the hope it may help you on your journey. 


Lesson 1: Have a Purpose

First & most important is for you to have a purpose & give some serious thought about your business & the direction you want to go.

I ‘ve seen many entrepreneurs crash & fail in this very important first step.

By not having a purpose you easily can lose direction of your business.

Don’t be like the 97.9% that buy a  product, don’t want to put in any  effort to make money, rush through by not follow instructions only to wonder why they fail over and over never making any cash along the way.

Only to move on to the next shiny product they find hoping again for the promise of easy money without any work  Good Luck!.

If you focus on one business niche and only one, work at it, stay focused  and you will see results.

The “Magic” to making money online is always the same.

Find a niche, idea, or product on how to do something easier or better that people want or have a need for.

A product or service that people want then put it in front of them to purchase.  It works the same on or offline.  Pick your product or service and focus on it and become the next expert in your specific niche / field.

I have always said to start off with a solid foundation by doing the necessary steps when starting off.

By building this way, your foundation will be concrete and not made of sand.

Taking these extra steps / time to properly build your business gives you a better chance for success.  

Would you rather have your foundation built on,  concrete or sand?



Lesson 2: Intern while you learn


Many years ago when first starting Adams Strategic Marketing, I could have only wished to have had some experience with marketing on my own,

I had marketed dealership service departments for many years but had no experience with other types of local businesses.

What did the community & businesses need?

How could I help them and exceed their expectations?

The dealers I had worked for in the past had tens of thousand of dollars to effectively market – advertise while the local market had nowhere near that in their advertising budgets.

I needed to find a cost effective way for them that would bring a driven result for their dollar.

It was successful but every business building minute was a true learning experience.

If you are not familiar with internet marketing my opinion would be start off  as an intern at a radio/ tv station with an marketing / advertising company.  There are also many online courses that will teach you some of the basics. Go to school on the subject.  Study hard, learn more!

Lesson 3:  FOCUS

Did I lose you there?  So, at  the start my Advertising Agency wasn’t really going very well. I had a handful of new clients & a lot of products that I offered.

I offered everything  a business would ever need from online SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ebay, Liquidation services, Facebook advertising, Printing, Website design, and Hosting.  I had it all. Why did I only have a few customers with so many businesses that needed one of my services??  Then it hit me….. “ONE of my services”.

At that time one of my services was stronger in sales than any of my other services offered.  It was at that time I decided to focus on one money making avenue at a time and the difference changed my life.   Once I started to focus one at the time on eBay sales and lessons ,my income began to rapidly fill my bank account.

After many years I opened my Advertising & Digital agency and had one product as my focus point & still use the same product to this day.

So with that said make sure you focus and not jump from  one money making idea to next shiny new empty promise you find online.  This is a fact, want to fail?? Buy everything and have no focus.  You only make the ones selling it rich

Fact two, Buy something, FOCUS your efforts and see RESULTS!!!

I really wish I could reach through the monitor the next time you are even thinking of buying the next promise in your email that will make you $500 dollars by tomorrow because I would slap some sense into you just before you press the PAY NOW button.

  • SELL

That’s all there is to it.  If you need some help with this please join my FREE newsletter for information on starting your own online or offline business for less than $1000-

Lesson 4:  Funding – Partners – Individual or go home!!

I had given this some thought when I was first starting out.  I was in the process of opening Smart Marketing a Direct Mail company with a partner.  We had worked on the foundation for months and must admit that a partner is a pro and a con for any business.

Pros, a working partner can help you with half of the business needs and tasks and a financial or silent partner can help you in other ways to grow your business.

Cons, you may have money to pay silent partners, you may decide differently than others in key decisions for your business.  And lastly you never own 100% of the business.

I know that there are many successful companies that are successful with partnership and outside funding out there.

They say almost 52% of all marriages will fail. It makes you wonder how many partnerships in business actually work out.

I like to do it all myself…..I know this means more responsibilities, money, projects but I make 100% of the decisions and control the way my business grows.  I also own 100% and can.

The choice is yours.



Lesson 5:  “LOWEST” price in town – NO!!

Best Customer Service, plain & simple!

Ok, So I was in this trap for many years & it seemed to be all I heard or saw anywhere I went.  ”
We’ll beat any competitor price.”

“We’re the lowest price”.

“Cheaper is Better”


Today, I cringe when I hear those words as I think to myself, I wonder how much money they are losing to other businesses that try to get your customers business?

Today people aren’t buying a product .

They are purchasing a relationship.

They are buying you.

Why would you want to be the cheapest?

Don’t you consider yourself better than the cheapest and want to be the best and most expensive?  

Well you don’t have to be the most expensive but charge for your specialty, your knowledge, service, time, labor or expertise.

Take a few minutes to think about to see what you have to offer people.

If you think you’re the cheapest , you will be the cheapest.  People will relate to your business that way & don’t always buy into the cheapest thing.

Today buyers are sharper and smarter that the average salesman.

It takes that special, rare people person to build a long lasting business to customer relationships while continuing that relationship for many years to come.

Have your customers think of you first when they need your particular Product / Service.


When I first started out I had to do everything myself.

I was the CEO/ Sales Manager/ Graphic Designer/ Publisher, the list goes on.

I was charging $25 an hour for a local consulting gig and $30  an hour for my advertising agency.  I soon learned that was way too low and raised my rate to $100 dollars an hour.

I continued getting new business & clients. Things only grew from there.

My goals are still the same being able to work when I want and in the area I desire while making a decent income.

I raised all my prices and focused on my customer service and provided above and beyond what my customers expectations were or had been with previous companies they had dealt with.

In no time I had referrals from my current customers and business was exploding!!!

That was the point when I added more staff to take care of things like ad design and other time consuming tasks.

Sublet or hire a VA (Virtual assistant) to help you with the things that take up a majority of your time,

Let them handle things like returning emails, refunds, newsletters, billing. phone calls and more.


 Lesson 6:  Learn

I can’t say enough about this lesson.  Learn, Train, Educate and Learn again.  It really doesn’t matter the industry you are in. Things are constantly changing each & every day. Be the one or company that is light years ahead of all the competition by learning about the latest trends, tips, software, products,  and ideas in your service or product.

The benefits of the internet is that you can take many online certification courses. There are courses on video or podcasts.  You can take an online webinar or class to learn about almost anything you want to do.  Do some research and Google what it is you want to become the “EXPERT” in and learn away!!

Lesson 7: Creative

Creativity will put you on a different level.  Why would you want to be like all the other pegs that fit into the hole.  Be square and different.  By differentiating your business at the beginning of your advertising marketing career you’re sure to put yourself in the front of the other marketers.  Being different means being better.  Unique is memorable.  Are you different enough that your customer will remember you for something unique or original that others don’t do or offer?

EX: Deliver best results for money, One of a kind product or customer service, Emails or mails special offers, Delivers more than expected. Trust me – businesses want, need & tell others about these things.  .

Why be Normal?

Lesson 8: Cash is King Baby!

Yes it is still true cash is king!  Be sure that when working hard and putting back into your business, you put back into yourself.  Be sure to pay yourself first.  Your hard work needs to be rewarded especially if you plan on making a career from your advertising agency.


Just be sure all your hard work doesn’t go unpaid.


Lesson 9: BUY BUY BUY – NO NO NO

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) has nothing on me.  Many people online have CHDD.

What is CHDD you ask? Computer Hard Drive Disorder.  It is where you buy, buy, buy every fake shiny internet product that you get in your email, facebook or website.  Stop it nowNo seriously I can take your money, burn it for you in my firepit if you just like burning through your money!!

Over the years I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of Software, Podcasts, Websites, PDFs, Courses, Private mentoring and so much more that I have lost track.  In the early days I was like so many others.  I would chase from product to product.   Each one promising something different that made me have to have it right away.  I bought them, maybe opened them once or twice.  Read through a few of the instruction pages and then off I went to the next shiny internet thingy!! Buy now — Only $5. — $7  $29 — $79 — $99 — $999 — or maybe just $79 per month.  I had bought them all.  Do any of the prices look familiar orthe things you may have bought and now collecting dust on your hard drive?

Think of all the money you could save if you just focus on one product/ service.   Become an expert in the one you choose.  Put it out for people that need/ want it and sell away!!


That’s about it for now — Hope you enjoy.