Yes, this subject deserves its very own post.  

 Do I Advertise Online or Offline?

I hear it all the time. . . .   Online – Offline,  Which do I choose?  

Well …….

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Image result for coffee mug cartoonI remember a couple years back when I’d gone into a local coffee shop inquiring on having their business advertise in my new local co-op mailer.

I don’t remember the exact words but I do remember them saying how it’s not important for them to advertise “offline” as they thought that print was dead & online marketing was the future and the way to go. PRINT DEAD? ….  Yeah sure it is;)

They had referred to my “product” as junk mail, stating people throwing it away and direct mail being dead and of the past.

My business was a large c-op mailer where they could send their message to every mailbox / home in the surrounding local area. The ad was cheap, $300 for 10,000 and 7,700 being mailed to the local homes. I had sold out in hours at this low price for the mailer. It was a huge success.

Too bad the coffee shop had become blind to the obvious.

People get their mail that is delivered to their home / business daily.  

OK…so people look at their mail & if the piece looks professional and visually speaks to them then it may peak their interest.  

Some will even leave it on the counter for the home to read, pass it along or even better – use it & visit your business!

Having that special offer that attracts or peaks an interest to your customer so they want to run to your business to get your deal.  When they get there what are you going to do to make them want to return again & gain them as a lifelong customer?

 Make sure your offer is worthwhile if you want to attract new customers.  

Would you visit your own business with what you are currently offering to your customers?

.What do you have to offer?

How about branding & keeping your name and business in front of your customers any time you can?

Make them think of you for when they do need your product /  services.

Nowadays businesses really need the cutting edge in branding/ marketing to stay ahead of their competition.

You can try some of these on and off line strategies like:

  • Email List
  • Twitter
  • Newspapers
  • Facebook / Social Media
  • Classified Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletters
  • Contest
  • Sponsorships
  • Auctions
  • Business Cards
  • Radio – TV
  • Bulletin boards
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Branding Yourself

Just a few of the ways that will keep you two steps ahead of your competition!

“You want to lead not follow – Make your own path and have others follow you.” Ace Adams 

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To your success,

Ace Adams

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