You’re business is  only as good as it’s reputation.

Have you heard that before or maybe thought about it?

As a business, whether online or off it’s critical that you curate and protect your reputation.

Your reputation, good or bad is a reflection to how your customer is going to portray your business.

Working most of my career in the automotive industry where you need to make sure that you have gone above & beyond your customers expectations. Having a higher than average CSI (customer satisfaction index) will bring many benefits to the dealership then having a low average.

Some businesses care more about their bottom line rather than their reputation. Your reputation what will keep building your business and gain customer loyalty.

It doesn’t take long to get a bad reputation online nowadays, one or two can ruin it for you.

It is imperative that you manage your reputation for your business.

It is what your customers think about you as well as how they will view they way you do business.

Keeping a close eye on it is critical for your company’s success.
As much time and effort that your business puts into marketing, advertising, building blogs/ websites and then not monitoring your reputation is a deadly sin.

People will tell many, many others if they have a terrible experience at your place of business, online 100’s of people will be sure to see it every time they pull up your site.

Wouldn’t you want to have 100’s of positive responses on your reputation page? You should have someone monitor it on a daily basis and have a plan in place to get more customers to leave positive experiences that they have had on your reputation page.
It sure isn’t rocket science but some businesses lie to make it this way.
Go above and beyond and train your staff to give only the best service that should portray your business.
Let your customers know that you value their opinions and ask them if the service/ product was excellent. If so ask them to leave positive feedback on your reputation page.

I like to sum it all up like this:
“What type of service would I expect / want?”

If I get below standards I will look for another place to do my business with, plain & simple.

Does your business need help with CSI, online reputation management please contact for solutions that work!

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